Do you trust your executive team? Should you?

September 10, 2009

According to a recent Korn-Ferry survey I read about today, 47% of executives are dissatisfied with their jobs and 31% say they don’t trust their boss.

To put that another way, 47% of executives are not worth what you are paying them.  They aren’t satisfied and maybe that’s because they aren’t capable of feeling the pleasure of a job well done.

The 31% who don’t trust aren’t worth any more than the ones who aren’t satisfied.  People who don’t trust often can’t trust.  They get distracted by the wrong things and don’t keep their minds on the right things.

Can you afford to have people you can’t trust to do the jobs you need done?

You can’t afford not to assess them and figure it out.


One Response to “Do you trust your executive team? Should you?”

  1. Allan Says:

    I think the ones who don’t trust their bosses to look out for their interests and aren’t satisfied with the jobs are the next fertile field for entrepreneurship! Discontent is one of the best reasons to strike out on your own to build your own valuable little venture.

    Bravo to the discontented!

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