You got game?

July 21, 2009

Not game theory.  Not game pieces.  Not video games.  I mean pure unadulterated game.

If you didn’t play with other kids when you were young, I don’t know how you learn this.  I don’t mean organized sports, either.  I mean when you have a street full of kids and school is out and there’s nothing but the collective imagination.  Someone comes up with a huge idea that seems impossible, so someone else riffs on that with rapid-fire thoughts, and another one shapes up the best of those ideas, then a couple more kids get it going.  One runs to get the stuff you need for the game and when you don’t have the right stuff, someone else figures out how to make it work.  Another kid makes sure everyone knows what the game is about, someone else fixes the little annoying stuff that doesn’t work and, if you’re lucky, you have the one kid who can remember how it all worked out and how much fun you had.

That’s how my game’s playing!

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