Are you a ‘Cvangelist’?

October 1, 2009

Rank has its privileges. One of them is that CEOs, and others at the C level, are privy to information that others can’t access. And it’s that exclusivity, or the illusion of it, that makes their status all the more tantalizing. The most important information, I’m beginning to think, isn’t the trade secret or the true state of the finances. I think it’s what we like and do and buy.

Analysts want to know where you’re having dinner, the color of the leather in your next ride (even better if that ride is on water or air), and what your future acquisitions will be. Most of them are satisfied with just knowing the “who* and *what*; the really inquisitive ones are interested in the *why*, and how that differs from what others – non-C’s – do.

I think the difference is that we’re used to thinking in terms of ‘business benefits’ and ‘long term valuation’ rather than the satisfaction of an ephemeral desire. And that’s what makes Cvangelists so important to emerging growth companies. We need more than buyers – we need evangelists. And when they’re at the C-level–Cvangelists–we know that they are buying and telling other people because they are focused on benefits and value.

I’m a Cvangelist for Virgin Atlantic. Please don’t ask me to go to London on any other airline. And I’m a Cvangelist for Whole Foods Market (I know they’re expensive — but the business benefits are my time saved and the long term value is my health). Mark. our EVP and former tech CEO, is a Cevangelist for MAC. (He’s got me convinced. This blog will be getting done on a MAC very soon.)

So why would you want to become a Cvangelist? Simple. The benefits are many.

  1. You get to feel very cool, like the people who bought Microsoft stock (the stock – not the software) soon after the IPO.
  2. You always have something *different* to say at CEO cocktail parties.
  3. You have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve promoted something that not only has immediate business benefits but also long term value.

How do you start? Well, if you want to join the very cool, always witty, highly satisfied Cvangelists for TGI Role-Based Assessment, just call me at 215-825-2500. Or email me at DrJanice (at)!

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