Not a typo.  I mean it.  Meddle management is on the rise, if what I overhear on the street is any indication.

It isn’t common behavior among CEOs – I mean, really, who has the time to micromanage people into creative oblivion?  But it’s rampant in the layers below, if I can believe what I heard in line at ye olde caffeine shoppe.

Young man #1 to Young man #2: My manager told me not to use staples but my paper clips are wearing out.  Is there some secret way to fix them?

Young man #2: Are you kidding?

Young man #1: No.  I hate working.

What’s wrong with this picture?  Is it YM#1 who has two problems (unusable paper clips and confusing pleasureable productivity with micromanagement)?  Or YM#2, who doesn’t seem very sympathetic?

Answer: The manager, of course.  Clearly a PWOC.  (Person Without a Clue).

CEOs read this book: The PWAC Manifesto.  And don’t add to the meddle management.

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